When it’s time to update the old cell phone

old phone technology
Old phone technology


Well, it’s been over a year since my post below. Funny how things change over time.

My dinosaur had to be put out to pasture shortly after I posted. Not because it quite working but because Telus decided it was so. I was irritated because they forced me to upgrade and I still wasn’t ready. Anyways, my daughter bought me a used LG from her friend.

The changeover wasn’t too bad but I was still resisting. I did not want to become just like everyone else. I liked my texting and I didn’t need internet to take more of my time. Besides, I had my computer for that. But me being me, yes, I am the curious kind, I had to start figuring out what this new piece of technology was all about. The next thing I know I had Twitter and Facebook set up and the rest is history. Thank goodness I don’t have data and just rely on wi-fi.

To my dismay the phone started screwing up and I was ready to throw it out the window. After losing a few hundred strands of hair and finally finding a great customer service rep with Telus we figured out that it was the Facebook app that was creating havoc. So, I deleted the app and carried on. Well, it never did seem to work well after that and I was offered a nice deal for a new Samsung 5Neo so I upgraded.

This phone seems to work well and I just love the camera. It’s better than my point and shoot camera. I haven’t installed the Facebook app and just login through the website. Not taking any chances. And I use as little apps as I can get away with and disable what ever else that is not needed on my phone. I guess I am still resisting somewhat, but I do not trust the security on computers or phones (having a bit of a technology background).

So far all is going well. I love my Twitter and my earthquake apps and they both allow me to post to Facebook. Especially helpful, I can post local earthquakes, as I am a co-admin for the BC Earthquake Early Warning page for an engineer at UBC. If you happen to have an interest come on over and join us.

More proof that resistance if futile 🙂 I caved, but if my old dinosaur was still working I’d still be using it. Be well and please do not use your phone and drive.


I was talking to a friend about cell phones and how some of us, not many I assume, hold on to our old technology for as long as possible. My phone is over five years old now. I’m a little older, not too keen on changing if I don’t have to, and I save money too. Ok, call me cheap, but I have other things to spend my money on than upgrading my phone regularly! 🙂 Some day real soon I guess I will “have” to take the plunge because Telus doesn’t want to support the old network anymore. I guess I can’t blame them. Technology waits for no one they say. I just hate getting rid of something if it still works. But, then again maybe it’s way past time, as on July 1st I am sure somehow, someone, hacked the network because I got some weird happenings in my calendar.

My calendar reminded me of an appointment that I had the next day. I opened the reminder message and I was jettisoned off into the year 3318, I think it was Nov. 27, 3318, and someone was trying to communicate with me through the year field! Go figure that one out! I clicked on edit to reset the reminder and in the year box there was text. A whole long string of text. I couldn’t read it other than the odd word or persons name, not familiar to me, as the text box is too small to read more than 5 characters at a time. I tried to enter a date but it wouldn’t let me. Only did it work normal after I closed and reopened my calendar.
It has worked fine the past few days. Kind of strange someone would hack into an old network but I guess it happens. Weird I tell ya. But then again, I am sure it was the mother ship trying to get a hold of me to tell me they missed coming to get me again! I couldn’t pick up their message in my phone, but I heard they were seen shooting across the eastern sky just a few nights ago. Sigh…

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