Sunlight – another potential

As children I am sure we have all played with magnifying glasses and mirrors at least once during our summers. Sometimes we went a little too far with our wood burning and flashing the sunlight in our friends eyes, but at that age I never really thought a whole lot more about how a mirror and sunlight could be used past the fun part.

solar alternatives
Solar alternatives

I had a bit of a wow moment today while trying to direct a little sunlight on to my houseplants. Having a tiny apartment with only one medium-sized window in my living room (small one in the bedroom but no room for anything near it) and a regular-sized, solid door to my small deck, my plants rarely receive a good dose of sunlight at any time of the year. Well aside from my huge pineapple that takes up most the space in front of my only window.

Thinking about how I could direct the sunlight on to my plants I grabbed my full-length mirror and laid it across my couch and rocker and stuffed a pillow under it to direct the light towards my near 7″ Hawaiian Ti plant (tree!) that I have been babying since it was a stick brought back from Hawaii in 1980. As I was doing so the reflected light hit the roof in my kitchen and the room lit up like someone turned on a runway light. It was brighter that if I had my fluorescent lighting turned on and more! I thought wow, if a series of mirrors could be incorporated into new buildings via the roof or walls, including office buildings, just how much power could be saved during the daylight hours! Skylights are one thing but this would take it to an all new level of lighting. Incorporate this with solar; what potential!

If only we had the power to change things for the better, over a shorter period of time, we may not be facing some of the issues we face today when it comes to pollution, climate change, and the dwindling of our resources. We can go green, what the heck is taking so long?


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