Some days I have to shake my head

scratching head emoticonI get home today from visiting a job prospect (that was exciting!). I board the elevator and nonchalantly ease my way to my floor, head in La La land.

Oh, here I am, exiting and saying hello to an older gentleman on a scooter who was waiting to board. I turn and start walking down the hall.

I first notice an Oxygen No Smoking sign on the first suite I pass thinking, “That’s new. Should be interesting living on the same floor with umpteen smokers! Why I always get to live in the exciting places I will never know.”

Moving on I notice someone further down the hall has now installed a metal plate under their deadbolt. “Oh great, who tried breaking in there? Gee, can it get any better?”.

So nearing my door (yes it’s a long walk to the end of the hall. You should try moving here! It was a marathon and hate the thought of when I have to move out). Pulling my keys from my purse I look at my lock and discover that my landlord must have changed the knob and the deadbolt on my door. Ok, well that’s fine. He’s popped in to do the odd tweak but never without me knowing. He must have been in the neighbourhood. Not a big deal cause he’s a super nice guy and I have nothing to hide.

Anyways, I put the key in the lock and it’s not working! I give it a couple of turns this way and that and wiggle it a little. That’s when the light bulb finally illuminates! You idiot, you are on the wrong floor!

Ok, I know I was by myself but I could feel my face get red. Yup, I am admitting to being an idiot. Same suite, wrong floor. I got out of there as quickly as I could, limping at turtle speed back towards the elevator. Thought I don’t need the added embarrassment of having the renter come to the door asking what the hell I was doing. All I could think of was saying, “Not to worry, it was the idiot who lives above you!”.


4 thoughts on “Some days I have to shake my head

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Well I don’t usually do that and I likely wouldn’t have had the older gentleman not been trying to get on the elevator one floor below mine. It sure was embarrassing though. I think it’s because sometimes the mind is so full of “stuff” that we aren’t always aware of what’s going on in our surroundings. Have you ever driven through the city and realized you were far from where you started but you just weren’t sure how you got there? 🙂

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