Career Developers are a Critical Bridge to Employment

I found the article from Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) to be a very interesting one and is the first I’ve seen bringing the issue to attention.

It brings certain questions to mind:

  1. Is the current Employment Program of BC effective if Career Developers are missing critical skills to support people with mental illness?
  2. Does this change the Career Developer’s job? Will they become more of a Social Worker? And is this the route the Career Developer wants to take?
  3. Where do the Career Developers find the extra time required to upgrade their skills, given the current heavy workload and stress, with no time for regeneration after work?
  4. Who is supporting the Career Developer? Time off work for a stressed-out Career Developer means the employer either has to find a replacement or increase workload on other Career Developers who are already stretched to the max. Lessen the load = healthy workers
  5. Are the clients missing out on supports and services they need?
  6. How can employers be informed – hiring people with mental illness? Considering the skills shortage looming this is an untapped market for skilled workers.

Career Developers are wonderful people who are needed by those who are unemployed whether they suffer from mental illness or not. Having worked with some great people over the years I have seen the passion the Career Developers have for their jobs and helping others but I have also seen and heard their frustrations.

People suffering from mental illness need support but if the Career Developers are not equipped with the proper education to support them fully then they need support as well.

That’s my two cents. Would love to hear what you have to say. Answer some of my questions?

Enjoyed reading the article and hope that it works out for both sides. To those I worked with; I appreciate what you do and hang in there!


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